• How to make a Pomegranate sparkler cocktail

    This Sparkling Pomegranate cocktail recipe was originally posted to Youtube as a holiday party cocktail tutorial video, since it is great for big groups! The festive drink recipe is very easy to prep and serve and looks so festive. For those abstaining, I love that it is tasty, pretty, and one of the very few drinks that is hard to tell apart when it is made non-alcoholic. Watch the video to learn more!

  • Simple Goodness Syrups: Marionberry Mint & a Garden Mule cocktail

    Simple Goodness Syrups have launched, shipped, and wowed their first customers. After a humorously inefficient first shipping process (picture 8 months pregnant Venise carrying an armful of boxes into fedex twenty minutes before closing, and the lady behind the counter looking wary at best) the first shipped bottles are in the hands of customers across the USA and that feels really, really good. We are so proud to share a taste of the Pacific Northwest summer through these first edition Simple Goodness Sister Syrup flavors. We also sold a ton of bottles at the Garlic and Goats Festival at Venise’s farm last weekend to our local community and couldn’t stop…