• Changing Traditions

    At 10 pm last Sunday night, in a fit of rage that could only be induced by untangling Christmas lights only to find they won’t connect correctly or are half burned out, I realized just how different this Christmas will be. It will be our first Christmas with a toddler. That ever-curious, fascinated with the world, glass case of emotions, destructive breed of little man is about to throw a wrench in all of my holiday plans. The signs had been creeping up on me, in the way of jealousy over friend’s tranquil Instagram posts of flawless decorations hung with languishing ease. In year’s past, I too enjoyed a hot toddy or…

  • Merry Christmas from The Farm

    May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! I will keep it short and sweet because we have four stops to make today and a delicious lasagna dinner to host- look for my recipe tomorrow! For all our followers here is a Christmas card for you…we so appreciate you following and sharing our blog with your friends! Merry Merry Christmas!