Simple Syrup Recipes

Our flagship flavor- just down the hill from our farm sits the rhubarb capitol of the west coast, and this humble perennial inspired our very first forays into garden to glass cocktail making. Further South to Mexico our vanilla beans are sustainably grown by a small farm and shipped to us whole and fresh from a fellow female farmer. The brightness of the combination hits the palette first, and the finish is sweet, smooth, and full of rich vanilla bean.  

Refreshing, tart and sweet, marionberry and mint are inescapable summer flavors in the PNW. Though not native sons, they love to grow here, often more than we farmers would like. With Marionberry Mint we’ve embraced these invasive, unstoppable plants and delicious, and bottled their bounty for your front porch sipping enjoyment. 

Sweet, sour and elusive, the huckleberry is a PNW native gem. Foraging huckleberries has been a tradition in our family for generations. With the added acidity of blue spruce, harvested by PNW natives for hundreds of years, Huckleberry-Spruce tells a flavor story of summer in the Northwest, of our roots, and the land we love. Our huckleberries are professionally foraged and our spruce is grown right on our farm.