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The Simple Goodness Sisters are two sisters who left the corporate world to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. In 2016, Belinda left her corporate recruiting job to open a mobile bar based out of a vintage Aladdin camper. The Happy Camper Cocktail Company travels from weddings to corporate campuses and everywhere in between serving specialty craft cocktails featuring herbs and edible flowers grown on her sister’s farm.

In June of 2017, Venise left her corporate human resources job to start her career in residential real estate and tend to her farm located in the foothills of Mount Rainier. She was inspired by Belinda’s growing business to convert the farm’s garlic fields into a specialty herb and edible flower garden. 

After receiving repeated requests for their secret cocktail recipes the sisters decided to bottle their talents in a line of specialty cocktail syrups. The syrups feature herbs grown on the farm and flavor profiles that are distinctly Pacific Northwest. They use their farm roots to source hyper local ingredients from their farm friends and neighbors. 

As their businesses grow they hope to inspire others to grow and mix garden to glass cocktails in their own gardens and kitchens. 




Press Releases:

Seattle-Area Sisters Launch New Category of Farm-to-Table with Craft Cocktail Syrups

 The Simple Goodness Sisters Venise Cunningham and Belinda Kelly Left Tech Jobs to Build a Business Making and Serving Craft Cocktails with Sustainably Farmed Ingredients

 SEATTLE- The Simple Goodness Sisters today introduced a new category of locally farmed products, Simple Goodness Syrups, a business two years in the making. Rhubarb Vanilla Bean, Marionberry Mint and Huckleberry Spruce Tip syrups are now available for purchase. Simple Goodness Syrups are made from herbs, edible flowers and berries sustainably grown and harvested by Venise on her 10-acre farm in Buckley, Wash and other local farms. Business partner and bartender Belinda developed the corresponding cocktail recipes for each.

“We consider cocktails the centerpiece of almost any event,” said Cunningham. “We are so excited that people will be celebrating the holidays with cocktails and mocktails made with Simple Goodness Syrups for the first time this year.”


Both Venise and Belinda are busy moms who left their jobs at Seattle tech companies to start their businesses. In 2016, Belinda founded the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, a mobile luxe cocktail bar housed in a custom-renovated camper. Happy Camper serves high-end, custom-developed cocktails for weddings, corporate functions and major cultural events like Bumbershoot. From the beginning, Belinda used locally farmed ingredients for her “garden to glass” style of drink service. As her business grew, she encouraged Venise to begin farming the flavorings for her cocktails on Venise’s property, and packaging the syrups for customers to enjoy at home, and Simple Goodness Sisters was born.


“My customers were borderline obsessed about making Happy Camper cocktails at home, which is what inspired us to bottle the syrups,” said Belinda. “We’re so excited to give everyone a way to enjoy the cocktails at home and create awareness about the lifestyle that Venise and I are so passionate about. It’s more important than ever to stay close to nature, be mindful about our food and drink and spend as much time with friends and family as possible.”


The Simple Goodness Sisters have blended their family life and their careers in a way that many people dream about. Recently, they bought a commercial kitchen space in Wilkeson, WA to bottle a higher volume of syrups, in a greater number of varieties, more efficiently. Like any small business, the challenges and demands are never-ending.


“People say to us, oh it must be nice just frolicing in the fields all day gathering herbs and sampling cocktails, but this job has its challenges just like any other,” Venise said. “The difference is we have a much stronger emotional connection to this business, and our entire family participates. It’s ours.”


Learn more about the Simple Goodness Sisters lifestyle and shop for Simple Goodness Syrups. Visit the Happy Camper Cocktail Company to learn more or book an event.


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