Simple Goodness Sisters Presents Simple Goodness Syrups!

Simple Goodness Sisters Presents Simple Goodness Syrups!

We’re launching online sales of our Simple Goodness Syrups. This moment is about 2 years, or 30 years in the making, depending on your perspective. Appropriately, this new venture of ours is launching the week of International Sisterhood Day. My sister and I have been […]

Belinda’s dispatch from the road: Happy Camper Cocktails’ summer 2017

2017-2018 was, excuse my language, a helluva year. It was a BIG year of growth for me,  personally and professionally, with Happy Camper Cocktail Company. On a professional level, there were weddings that made me laugh, cry, and over-caffeinate. We did our first brand promotion […]

The answer to the question: What are you going to do now?

If I ever write an autobiography, June 16, 2017 will be the end of part one because that is the first time I truly felt like a grown up. Ironically, it is also the day I quit my “grown up” job. Never before have I […]

Happy Camper Cocktail Company is Road Ready!

Happy Camper Cocktail Company is Road Ready!

YOU GUYS ITS FINALLY DONE! I have never been more exited to share a blog post. Building our Happy Camper Cocktail Co. mobile bar been a true labor of love, with blood, sweat and tears fueling us along the way and we are finally road ready and headed […]

Progress for the Happy Camper

This road we’re on feels like a long one recently. Over the last couple of weeks there have been ups and downs, which to continue the already on the verge of being over done metaphor, can be described as: dodgy rest stops (the fear that […]

Happy Camper Cocktails- the journey begins!

Hello, beautiful readers. I have some really exciting news. This is happening:….   ….!!!! I almost can’t believe that the Happy Camper Cocktail Company  has come along so quickly in the last few months, but this gorgeous photo literally puts it in black and white […]

Happy Camper Cocktail Company- the beginning

Happy Camper Cocktail Company- the beginning

Have I gushed about how awesome my husband is lately? Yes, he makes me laugh and takes awesome care of me and our son (example: last weekend we had a wedding to attend and my stepdad threw out his back and couldn’t watch our son. […]

Corporate Herdsmanship

When it comes to my food, I like to keep things separate. If it was socially acceptable I would probably still use one of those kid plates with dividers so all the food stays neat in it’s place. But, when it comes to my life, […]