Chelan Succulent Garden Surprise

As we always do when visiting Chelan, for Kate’s 14th birthday weekend, we stopped by the Lone Pine Fruit and Espresso. Just outside their front door we came across a new surprise. I swear this place just keeps getting better. They already had fresh veggies, chai tea lattes, […]

Enumclaw Series: Introduction

“Enumclaw may come across as a cow town if you’re just passing through, but its much more diverse and sophisticated after a closer look”. That’s what Enumclaw’s resident brewer, Eric Brandjes, was quoted as saying in the February feature article in Sunset Magazine’s Where to […]

Lake Chelan Winterfest, a 2nd Annual Adventure

Lake Chelan Winterfest, a 2nd Annual Adventure

A few weekends ago we headed off to the better half of the state for a last hurrah. I was about to begin my first week back at work and Mr. Kelly has worked almost 3 weeks straight so we both needed to unwind. Lake […]

Farm stays on Airbnb

One of our farm friends was recently interviewed for an article about sharing their farm on Airbnb. I have included the article below so you can check it out for yourself.  For those of you who are not familiar with the website, Airbnb let’s people […]

Working Off Farm means a paid trip to San Diego

According to the USDA’s Farm Family Income publications it’s hard, well pretty much impossible, for a family to survive on farming income alone. According to their study, 85-95 percent of farm household income comes from off-farm sources (including employment earnings, other business activities, and unearned income).  Even […]

Winter Wine Tasting: a girl’s weekend guide

If there is one thing my sister and I really love (besides baby goats, fresh chicken eggs, our dogs and our hubbies of course) it is a good girl’s weekend. Creating and keeping close female friendships is one of the biggest accomplishments of my young […]

Day trip: Lake Chelan in Winter

About this time during a Washington winter, I begin to crave escape. The feeling is visceral, like I will begin to peel out of my skin if I must endure one more fog filled day of dreary Northwest winter. I start to plan spring vacation […]

Drllevich Sister’s Take Tennessee Part III: Dollywood

As idols go, mine really run the gamut. The women who inspire me range from the everlasting chic and celebration of simplicity of Coco Chanel to the cool intelligence of Diane Lane (that woman wears the hell out of a pantsuit) all the way to the star spangled disco ball of feminine allure […]

The Drllevich Sisters Take Tennessee Part II

After the beautiful Malone wedding, we said goodbye to our family and headed on a seester adventure! The drive from Memphis to Nashville took us about 3 1/2 hours which we filled with gossip and our country music playlist which included some Dolly Parton, Johnny […]

The Drllevich Sisters take Tennessee, Part 1: Walking in Memphis

Today is the third day of Venise and Belinda’s Nashville Adventure! We are in Memphis to celebrate my cousin Daniel Malone’s wedding.  We left our husbands at home but are here with the Malone family, our cousin Casey and Aunt Diane and Aunt Deidre and her boyfriend Denis. […]