Enchilada Casserole

  Beef. Good. Salsa. Good. Cheese. Good. What’s not to love?  (If you can tell me what TV Sitcom I am mimicking extra points for you!) This recipe is my new jam, it’s bomb diggity! Ask my sister or my husband, it has quickly become […]

Tom Douglas’ Tomato Soup

If you don’t know who he is, you probably are not from around here. Tom Douglas is a restaurant mogul here in Seattle. A few of his restaurants I adore, a couple I don’t care for, and his cookbook has gone mainly unused on my […]

I think I Can, Can, Can, Part 2: Homemade Canned Applesauce

This weekend found me trying to channel my inner-housewife and can homemade applesauce. I found out that canning is wicked stressful. I now understand the 1950’s woman’s dependence on barbiturates. What helped most was thinking of Nanny (yup, we like to talk about her a lot ’round here!) […]

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