First Arrival: Sade’s Baby Goats

First Arrival: Sade’s Baby Goats

The time is FINALLY here! We welcomed our first baby goats yesterday! In years past we have always kidded in April and May, but this year our buck’s schedule was pretty full so we waited until January to breed the girls which meant that our […]

2016 Gardens: planting seeds and having faith

Happy Easter everyone! With Easter we celebrate the victory of life over death and dwell in the possibility and promise of miracles. We had a beautiful day celebrating the day with all of our family and eating all of the things.  We hope the same for you and […]

Winter Farm Update

Since Belinda posted about her exciting Happy Camper Cocktail updates I figured it was time to post a winter farm update. Winter is a pretty slow time on the farm which is good because it gives us time to catch up on projects we don’t get […]

The signs of labor in cows

Two years ago we welcomed our very first calf on the farm when Mama struggled through labor and delivered a healthy heifer (girl) calf we named Mae. Fast forward two years and our baby is all grown up and having babies of her own. Mae is scheduled […]

Kitchen Gardens 2015 summarized

Seed selection, garden planning and raised bed research occupied my mind this Spring. With the arrival this week of the Baker Creek seed catalog in the mail, this fervor has been re-awakened. I am already excited for the work to come in Spring. With the […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Are you ready? Last year, the farm hosted an epic  Thanksgiving feast for FIFTY people so this year we are taking Thanksgiving off. We will sit back, let my aunt work her tail off making the meal and hosting our crazy, fabulous family and […]

Growing Garlic: Cutting Scapes

Farmer Ross and I have gotten a lot of questions recently filled with anxiety and enthusiasm asking “what should I be doing with my garlic”?  Because garlic is a winter crop, it is often one of the first crops to be harvested in the summer. […]

Our Weekend Adventures and Baby Goats

Man things around the farm are busy! In Washington we all look forward to this time of year when the gray skies start to clear and summer takes shape. On the farm, the spring and summer are the busiest parts of the year and this year […]

Get Dirty for a Good Cause

Have you heard? We are hosting a photo shoot on the farm to help find a cure for childhood cancer! Doing a farm photoshoot with lots of mud has been a dream of mine that all started with too much wine, too much sun and an impromptu […]

Egg Bound Chicken Update

I know you are all hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for an update on our egg bound chicken. Everyone wants to know, what happened to the chicken with the egg stuck inside her!?! I have good news…the chicken is healing and our […]