• rustic farm wedding conga line

    You can get married at a working cocktail farm whilst drinking garden to glass cocktails.

    Are you, a friend, a family member or a client planning a BIG event (wedding, elopement, vow renewal, birthday, or retirement!) and hoping to plan a laid back party with Happy Camper Cocktail Company’s award winning bar service, at a gorgeous outdoor venue on a working farm? The Simple Goodness Farm is very rarely made available for public events, but for the launch of Simple Goodness Sisters’ Shop Kickstarter, we’re making it available for two events for summer 2020 and bringing insome incredble, award winning event vendorsto help make the day perfect!

  • Garden to Glass Workshop @ The Works in Seattle

    If there are two things the Simple Goodness Sisters LOVE it is sharing our passion for #gardentoglass drinks and meeting new people which is why this summer we are going on the ROAD to share our passion for #gardentoglass mixology! We want to help people grow their own cocktail gardens and use their gardening skills behind the bar! Our first stop is in Seattle at The Works on Wednesday April 24, 2019 from 6-7:30PM. We will be sharing our planting plans in depth and demonstrating how each herb, flower, fruit, and vegetable is used to make tasty and delicious drinks at home. Farmer Venise will teach you how to plant…