• strawberry rhubarb cocktail

    The Drink You’ll Crave All Summer: Berry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Collins

    The classic Vodka Collins has infinite opportunity for variation, but none so delicious as a pairing of two Simple Goodness Sisters’ Syrups: Rhubarb Vanilla and Berry Sage.   Paired together in this vodka Collins with a little bit of fresh lemon juice, the result is part fresh squeezed lemonade stand at a country fair, and part your great Aunt’s strawberry rhubarb pie. A vodka collins is made with fresh citrus juice, vodka, club soda, and the sweetener of your choosing. Obviously, we choose Simple Goodness Sisters’ syrups, for tasty, unique flavors reflective of the Northwest where we grow and craft cocktails. The Sumner’s Summer Solstice drink is sweet without becoming…

  • Cocktail Recipe of the Week: the Seattle Sling, and also introducing our first Spring Launch flavor, Lemon Herb!

    For this week’s garden to glass cocktail recipe, we’re featuring a drink with one of our upcoming Spring launch flavors of Simple Goodness Sisters’ syrups, Lemon Herb. The flavor is the stuff your summer dreams (definitely ours!) are made of. Even better, we’re sharing a non-alcoholic mocktail, or “soft cocktail” version of the drink as well, for everyone who loves garden to glass flavor but isn’t interested in a tipple.  We go to bottle the Lemon Herb syrups this upcoming week (as well as Blueberry Lavender and Berry Sage) and are taking presale orders on all three, as well as our “Garden to Glass” Edible Garden Kits starting April 3rd,…

  • jack rose cocktail tutorial video garden to glass

    Cocktail Video of the Week: the Simple Goodness Sisters’ Jack Rose Cocktail

    The Jack Rose is a pre-prohibition (like, seriously OG) New Jersey classic cocktail we’re re-imagining to be solidly West Coast. It’s a little known drink (and surprisingly has NOTHING to do with our favorites from the Titanic) that will be widely popular with your friends once introduced. It’s fairly sweet but still pretty stiff, so it packs a pretty little punch. Speaking of punch, PUNCH describes the drink as so: According to David Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, the Jack Rose was, during the mid-20thcentury, a pillar of basic cocktail-mixing knowledge. The origin of its name is disputed: some credit it to an early 20th-century hit man called “Bald…

  • Talking Simple Goodness with Seattle Kitchen’s Tom Douglas, Katie O., and Thierry Rauturneau

    The Simple Goodness Sisters got our first brush with celebrity this week, when interviewed by famous and widely acclaimed (James Beard award winners!) Seattle chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rauturneau. We were not nervous one tiny bit, and if you believe that, Venise will sell you some ocean front property in Arizona next. What is also true, however, is that the syrups also had their TV debut this week! Read the blog for links to watch and listen.

  • How to make a Pomegranate sparkler cocktail

    This Sparkling Pomegranate cocktail recipe was originally posted to Youtube as a holiday party cocktail tutorial video, since it is great for big groups! The festive drink recipe is very easy to prep and serve and looks so festive. For those abstaining, I love that it is tasty, pretty, and one of the very few drinks that is hard to tell apart when it is made non-alcoholic. Watch the video to learn more!