About Us

We are three sisters who walk (and often dance) the line between small town America and the big ‘ole city, the farm and the corporate office. We are part of a community of people who enjoy the luxuries of modern technology (hello, Netflix!) but yearn for a dose of the simplistic elegance of days gone by (when is the last time you laid down in a field of hay and gazed at the clouds?)

We represent a new generation of homesteaders: homemakers who work outside of the home, farmers who also Skype into their corporate jobs on work from home days, and scratch bakers who share recipes on Pinterest and Facebook.

We believe in living simply while living fully. Simple Goodness is a blog that celebrates the tricks, tools, traditions and values of our grandparents (especially our inspirer, Nanny) and follows our lives as we work to build lives full of simple goodness.

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