A drink recipe with YOUR name on it!

A drink, like anything else you can create in this life, is an opportunity to make something from nothing, and to make that something entirely unique, intentional, and nuanced. From a playful tiki drink with a nod to Scandinavian heritage, to an effervescent, welcoming champagne cocktail in a lady’s signature color of peach, I love to design drinks around themes, colors and flavor memories to capture a moment or a feeling. When I do this for event clients, it often leads to some of my favorite new creations and menu fixtures. 

I first had a drink made for me when I was at my corporate job at Microsoft HR, working as a recruiter for the university team. Our work involved very long hours, a lot of tedious data entry, and staying sparkly and open enough to connect with literally hundreds of kids a day when we were on the road.
My manager at the time was named Larry, and he was a cocktail enthusiast. He Even had a blog on the subject where he would try obscure cocktails and learn to home bartend, making his own mixers and bitters. At such a high stress and high tedium environment, morale events were very important. 
Our team had a little large budget for keeping us happy with dinners, happy hours, and little gifts throughout the year. We even went to a super fancy dude Ranch once, where they branded our boots by the fire and took us on guided rides through the Colorado mountains. One of the most memorable more events we ever did though, for me at least, came from the efforts and care taken by Larry to throw us a low key party in the office. He had a lot of help in decor, food and theme from a teammate who brought together the mad men vibes complete with candy cigarettes and a required dress code. And there was Larry himself behind the very well stocked bar, making drinks he’d dedicated to each of his team members based on their personalities.  Watching him craft each drink, and see and taste the results was such a fun and personal way to acknowledge Us as employees and people. It was probably the cheapest event ever, but the way he’d invested his time and effort really had an impact. 

And now for a $250 pledge to our Kickstarter campaign, I will design a cocktail or mocktail just for you or a loved one. Hopefully it becomes your signature cocktail, or perhaps you have it designed specifically for an upcoming event.

We’ll design a drink just for you whether you dedicate it to yourself, a loved one or even your favorite place! This drink is called the Cascadian Hope and was crafted as a tribute to the town of Wilkeson where our future store will be when this Kickstarter funds in THREE days!

With just three days left until the end of this Kickstarter, I cannot wait until we reach our goal and I get to start filling all of these pledges! I look forward to creating drinks for each of you, and getting to know you a little better in the process! And who knows where your custom drink recipes will end up in the future! Your drink may become our next menu item and best seller! Or maybe we will include it in that cocktail book we want to create one day!

We have less than $3000 left to raise in 3 days and then the rewards fulfillment and hard work of sprucing up our shop begins!
Thank you so very much for all of the support thus far. Honestly to see people believe in this the way we have for the last two years is the best reward so far.
Kickstarter link:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sgsisters/simple-goodness-sisters-shop

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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