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Evening Magazine on King 5: a Simple Goodness Sisters segment!

Our cocktail garden is getting the silver screen treatment this Wednesday, July 10th on King 5 Evening!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to share the farm, our garden to glass drinks, and our story with the King 5 viewers and to have hosted the fabulous host, Kim Holcomb for the afternoon. We’ve followed her on TV and on Instagram and obviously related with her great sense of humor and love of cocktails. To hang out with her for a few hours making cocktails was a super laid back experience that made us feel really comfortable and hopefully (time will tell!) brought out our less awkward sides as we shared our stories.

In the segment we resisted best we could our habit of laughing together inaudibly, just awkwardly shaking our shoulders in our weird way of noiseless laughter. We resisted inside jokes or kvetching over the latest business decision to put forward our best selves for Miss Kim. Instead, we walked her through our cocktail garden and why growing garden to glass cocktails is important to us. We answer the age old question “why does farm to table matter” in our own terms and values and by way of example with a few tasty cocktails. We retell our origin story: the corporate jobs, the exit, the children born two weeks apart who inspired a switch to an intentionally more integrated, slower lifestyle, the family members who way back when inspired our loves of farms, food, and hosting, and the 2016 Happy Camper Cocktail Company launch that led us to think about bringing our garden to glass drink mixers to the world, beyond local catering events.

And then, we made cocktails. From Rhubarb Vanilla Vodka Collins to Lemon Herb Gin and Tonics, there really isn’t a craft cocktail out there that doesn’t taste incredible with a little flip of a variation using Simple Goodness Sisters syrups. We also made sure to make a mocktail, since allowing everyone to be a part of this party we’re throwing is a big deal to us.

During this part of the filming, it was a fun touch to line up our whole line of Simple Goodness Sisters syrup flavors in rainbow order, our little nod to Seattle Pride month. Seeing them all end to end still delights me, and not just in my usual OCD, obsessed with crisp towers of perfectly folded sweaters in ombre color stacks kind of way. It delighted me to see all of the hard work, the hours of painful problem solving, packaging sourcing, and actual tears and blood shed just to put these six pretty little flavors online, on shelves and into your hands and drinks.

You’ll have to watch the piece for the rest, and we really hope you do!Simple Goodness Sisters syrups have been shipped to households across the nation in the last year, entered drinks from here to Maine, and that makes us proud. Now to have our story broadcasted to living rooms all across our state is the kind of thing we thought we could only dream of.

Watch Evening Magazine at 7:30 PM PDT on KING 5 TV, or streaming live on #K5Evening!

Simple Goodness Sisters
These guys will be in your living room on Wednesday!

The "glass" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Belinda is the owner of the Happy Camper Cocktail Company, bartender, recipe developer, younger sister and karaoke lover.

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