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Birthday dinner for our favorite, Kate!

Kate hasn’t been around on this blog much lately, despite being one of its founders. Way back when, Simple Goodness blog was created as the Dairy Queens, meant to detail the adventures of our little sister Kate in 4H. She began the adventure by showing and caring for Venise’s first couple of goats, EB and Dozer. She’s been showing in 4H ever since and even rose through the ranks recently to be the president of her club. She’s won plenty of ribbons, shaved and washed plenty of goats and welcomed many new kids to the herd. Through this passing of time, she has also grown into a super pretty, delightfully clever and fantastic baby-watching 15 year old.

Her birthday is today, May 17th. I won’t wax on sentimentally for too long about her birth when I was 13 and Venise was 17, how at first it seemed her tongue was too big for her mouth because it was permanently tasting the air, how her vocabulary grew faster than her pretty brown curls, or how her delight for life and “only child” independence made her so fun to raise alongside our mother. But I must tell you about how cool the 15 year old Kate Jacqueline Adair is. With 4 older half-siblings and big age gaps, Kate has had the best of both worlds growing up- a big family to teach her about scarcity, competition, and chaos; and the peace and pleasure of her parents’ sole attention for most of the week. She is thoughtful and introspective, but welcoming of new adventures and friends. She is smart, not as smart as me, but smarter than your average bear. Moreover, she is wise. For all of trials and experiences she has had in her young life, she has emerged a more open, loving, and strong person.

She is the Friday night babysitter behind our sanity and our business errands. She is a voice of constant encouragement and ironic jokes. She is a pretty bad cook but persistence has paid off and she makes a decent egg scramble after sister sleepovers. She is the best person to watch the Office with. She is Henry and Deyton’s favorite. She has an excellent taste in music, encouraged by all of us but definitely curated on her own. She has the best hair. She has been conquering her fears one by one as she has grown, from sledding hills to roller coasters to utter embarrassment at our hands in public places. We pushed her down several sledding hills and berated her into trying new things and she has not held it against us permanently. She is certainly better for having had our influence, but really we are the thankful ones. We are so thankful and proud to call this quirky and relatable girl our sister and aunt to our babies, who adore her more than all other humans on earth.

Kate hasn’t been on the blog a lot lately but she deserves the spotlight more than any of us. She is so worth celebrating, so please join us in celebrating this human today!

always a mess of people, dogs & babies around here
always a mess of people, dogs & babies around here
Love her!
Love her!

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