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Our Weekend Adventures and Baby Goats

Man things around the farm are busy! In Washington we all look forward to this time of year when the gray skies start to clear and summer takes shape. On the farm, the spring and summer are the busiest parts of the year and this year is going to be no different. In an effort to get some last minute R&R before the craziness of summer takes over, our family took a short trip across the mountains to Lake Chelan for Kate’s 14th birthday!

Originally Kate wanted to go to the ocean and go clam digging but the warmer than normal weather brought upon an algae attack in the ocean and they closed the rest of the digs for the season. We would have still gone and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean except it was supposed to rain most of the time and we didn’t think Deyton and Henry would enjoy the rain and spending two days in a house with six adults and two infants could easily end up being a bit claustrophobic so we convinced Kate that Lake Chelan would be a more enjoyable experience. Hopefully she thought we were right. We spent the first day hanging at the beach while Ross and Troy spoiled Kate with her first jet ski ride.

She was a little nervous at first but it wasn’t long before she was zipping around at 50 MPH.


Deyton loves the beach


Then we spent a few hours in the pool playing volleyball. Even Deyton joined in the fun and enjoyed playing in the big pool with her daddy.

Deyton’s first time in the big pool. She loved it!


A happy swimmer!


On Sunday, we spent the morning in the hills target shooting and gathering sage (that I will use to make sage soap) and other prairie plants I plan on drying and using as decorations around the farm.


Kate practicing her aim


venise gatherer

Then yesterday came Kate’s best birthday present! When Farmer Ross went out to do his evening chores he heard a new noise coming from the goat barn. He called me out from the kitchen and told me he had a surprise for me. As soon as I got close I realized what the new sound was…BABY GOATS! Dallas kidded without any help (or warning) just like she did last year. By the time we found the kids, they were on the ground, clean, dry and with full bellies. We have one little doeling (girl) and one buckling (boy). They are very cute and very healthy. The bummer news is that Sade one of our best show goats ended up not being pregnant so she will have to sit this show season out. We still have EB left to kid and we will be watching her like a hawk so that hopefully we can be there when she delivers and we can get a video for everyone. Here are some pictures of the newest members of the Simple Goodness Farm!

The buckling


Taking a rest. Being born is hard work!


The doeling
Goat Pile
Underneath mama is his favorite spot


Dallas is a good protective mama goat


The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


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