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Get Dirty for a Good Cause

Have you heard? We are hosting a photo shoot on the farm to help find a cure for childhood cancer! Doing a farm photoshoot with lots of mud has been a dream of mine that all started with too much wine, too much sun and an impromptu mud photo session on a river bank in Eastern Washington with with my cousins, sister, aunt and grandma.

Nothing says family bonding like a mud fight!


There is something about mud between the toes that brings out the kid in you.  As adults, how often are we willing to get down and play in the mud with a kid? When is the last time you got your hands dirty, really dirty? When is the last time you got that giddy feeling jumping in a mud puddle? Now is your chance! Sign up for a photo session, make some memories, get some great one of a kind pictures to hang on your wall and help us fight childhood cancer all at the same time! Sign up by clicking this link:

Need some inspiration? Here you go!

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