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Egg Bound Chicken Update

I know you are all hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for an update on our egg bound chicken. Everyone wants to know, what happened to the chicken with the egg stuck inside her!?! I have good news…the chicken is healing and our detective skills were right! The chicken did indeed have an egg stuck inside of her and the egg did indeed break, just like Farmer Rpss thought in the Egg Bound Chicken Part I video.

After her initial stay with close monitoring in the ICU (aka a kennel in our dining room) the chicken has been treated with antibiotics and is starting to perk up nicely. In fact, she has been doing so much better, we decided it was time for her to transition to outpatient care and go back to being an outdoor chicken. For those of you who have  not shared your home with a  chicken, you should know that chickens poop stinks! I was getting tired of cleaning her bedding and waking up to a smelly dining room.

We are hopeful that she is almost done passing the egg material (her poop has started looking less like scrambled eggs) and she is going to make a full recovery. However, she hasn’t actually laid another egg is over a week so I am a little worried about that. Maybe her egg laying days are over. We shall see!

Here is video showing day two treatment of our egg bound chicken. Link:

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  • stephanie lomani

    Where did you guys get the antibacterial shots from? I have a chicken who seems to be going through the same situation. I am trying the birdie spa (warm water trick) a massaging her in hopes that this might help her feel better. Hope to back soon thank you for your videos.

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