Love is War: an event to benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Here at the farm we believe in fighting for the things that are important in life, and we are NOT afraid to fight dirty when necessary. A parent’s love is a very powerful weapon, and we believe that together we can make a difference for America’s kids fighting cancer. With our first ever public farm event, we are asking you to join the army of parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones who are fighting childhood cancers today.

On Mother’s Day weekend, you’re invited to join our fight by donating to the St. Baldrick’s foundation for childhood cancer research with your purchase of a 30 minute photo session. But this won’t be your average “smile pretty for the camera” photo shoot. Since the best things in life are worth rolling up your sleeves and getting a little messy over, and that definitely applies to parenthood, we’re going to get dirty! We’ve all had our days covered in baby food, spit up, and (ahem) other substances…this day will be only slightly cleaner. We’ll be getting down and dirty in the mud, playing, and celebrating this crazy joyful mess that is childhood!

Love is war photoshoot
Pre-registration is absolutely required, and space is limited to please sign up today!


What to wear: We suggest a really simple, solid color or white wardrobe choice for the photos, to show off the joy on your faces and mud on your bodies. Boots are also suggested to navigate the location.

What to bring: cash for the raffle, anything needed to keep your kiddos happy, food if you have an evening session since we will not have dinner provided, any props you’d like included (only to be used as time permits), layers in case of poor weather since the sessions will go on rain or shine (in fact we’re kind of hoping for rain- the more mud the merrier!)

Price: For the suggested donation of $50 you will receive a 30 minute timeslot with a pro photographer and 5 digital photos (you must pre-register to reserve your timeslot) You’ll also spend a great afternoon on the farm hanging out with other families, entering the prize raffle, and PLAYING!

When you’re tuckered out, stop by the barn to shop for goodies provided by mom-powered businesses, with a portion of sales to benefit St. Baldrick’s.

Deyton and Henry loved getting down and dirty
Deyton and Henry loved getting down and dirty, but we timed our shoot a little too close to nap time!



1. What happens if it rains? Sessions will go on rain or shine (in fact we’re kind of hoping for rain- the more mud the merrier!)
2. Do I have to play in the mud? No, you can do whatever you want during your 30 minute photo session, but all photos will take place in the same location (and it will still be in the mud so still wear your boots) to keep things on schedule.
3. Can I purchase additional photos beyond the five I get with my donation? Sure! We will set it up so that you can purchase additional prints with the photographers, at their regular costs
4. Can I sign up for more than 1 timeslot? Timeslots are limited and we’d love to allow more people to partake, but if you need to have additional time to shoot multiple sides of the family or something, please contact us.
5. How many people can be in a photo? Please bring only your immediate family or maximum 10 people for this session.
6. My dog is family, can he come? Please no pets since we have plenty of our own on the farm.
7. What is the backdrop? This will be a pasture shoot, not a barn shoot. The back pasture has a pretty, natural forested backdrop. If it rains we may move the location closer to the barn in the front pasture.
8. Can I buy food? Nope, we’re not cooking, but we’d be happy to give you recommendations for local restaurants.
9. Can I come if I did not sign up in advance? Unfortunately we can only accommodate pre-registered guests. In addition, we need you to do a few things while you register, such as sign a consent form and make your donation to this lovely organization, St. Baldrick’s
10. So….Why St. Baldrick’s? Because they do one thing and they do it well: fund childhood cancer research. They take great care of the funds raised by generous volunteers and supporters to direct every possible dollar to carefully selected research grants. Whether it’s through the signature head-shaving events, partnerships or advocacy initiatives, their primary focus is to have the greatest impact for kids with cancer around the world. We became interested in St. Baldrick’s after Belinda’s college roommate, a pediatric nurse, shaved her head in support of her patients. Especially after having our babies, childhood cancer research (which is grossly underfunded in America!) has been a huge concern of ours. We wanted to give them a big fat check but unfortunately we don’t have big fat bank accounts to back that up. What we do have is creativity, event planning skills, passion, talented friends and a beautiful backdrop at the farm so we decided to open up Venise’s home for the first time ever to the public so we could raise a whole lot of moo-la (farm joke…sorrynotsorry) Check out for more information about how funds are allocated.

Thank you for joining our fight. We can’t wait to see you on the farm!

kids getting dirty playing in the mud

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