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Egg Bound Chicken

To be a great farmer, one must also be a great detective. Because our animals cannot speak to us in words, we spend a lot of time trying to guess their needs. Over the past few days we have had the chance to hone our detective skills when we noticed one chicken who wasn’t being her usual chicken self. Rather than hanging out with the other chickens she has been laying in the goat stall on the ground, which is never a good sign. When the other chickens were flocking to the feeder in the morning fighting for food, she hardly turned her head, an even worse sign.

It didn’t take much detective skills to figure out something was wrong, but what exactly was wrong was a whole different story. Luckily, I have a tool that is quite possibly the most used tool on the farm, the world wide web. And in this case, I turned to Facebook to pick the brains of some fellow, local farmers. After learning of her symptoms, it was thought that my chicken may have a case of a bound egg.

A bound egg is when an egg gets stuck inside the chicken and isn’t able to be laid. The first course of action is a nice warm bath that helps relax the muscles to get things moving again. So, after a long day at work, I came home, made dinner, put Deyton to bed and then prepared my chicken a spa treatment. To see how the spa treatment worked watch the below video which will be the first part in a video series that will follow our chicken treatment plan. *Spoiler Alert* Farmer Ross gets pretty up close and personal with our chicken in an effort to save her!

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