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Growing Garlic: mid-winter check-in

Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest, for now. Its been a bit of a crazy year. The frogs are singing, the sun is shining and the crocuses are blooming and its only February! Farmer Ross and I got giddy this weekend with all the sunshine poking through the usually gloomy clouds and decided to do some spring cleaning around the farm as well as check in on our garlic.

As it turns out, the garlic is also loving the sunshine! Kate came over and helped us dig up a few sprouts and check the progress. As you can see in the picture Kate was also excited about the sun, she wore her lacey Toms and summer romper to work in the fields with the hope that she would catch some rays.  So far the garlic looks great which is a bit of a relief since it was planted much later than usual since Deyton made her arrival right around planting time. We were so busy trying to adjust to life with a newborn this fall we also never got a chance to  mulch the field so we will have some serious weeding to do soon, but this year we have vowed to get a head start on it so it doesn’t out of control like last year!

Next on the list of things to do is build my raised beds so I can grow something other than garlic this year! I am wanting to plant things that are easy to store or freeze so that we can do less grocery shopping throughout the year because a) I want to save money and b) I hate grocery shopping. Any suggestions on things you grow to eat all year long?





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  • Karen Colleran

    Hi Venise, I would plant winter squash ( lasts throughout winter and easy to grow) , deliccata and spaghetti squash are my favorites and I was eating them up until January without freezing them but you can do that too. Rainbow chard and and kale are also easy and so good for you. You can use them in casseroles and soup as well as making it the main dish with all sorts of combinations. There are so many recipes out there so just type in deliccata squash for example and you’ll be able to choose the ones that sound good to you. Love you, Aunt Karen

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