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Waiting on Henry: Belinda’s Maternity Photos

My cousin recently told Henry, as encouragement to just be born already, that a true gentleman never makes a lady wait. Well, I think we may be getting a peek into the little Mr. Kelly’s personality, as he makes me anxiously await his arrival like a nervous groom at the end of a long aisle. I’m beginning to think my son is an outlaw Hank and less of a gentile Henry.

While we’re all waiting, I am excited to share some of the beautiful  family maternity photos and sister maternity photos that our friend Laura of Casual Family Photography took on the farm one month ago.



We had quite the photoshoot around the Simple Goodness farm, pulling goats and cows out of barns and traipsing around between the wet grass and the barn to try to avoid the persistent rain. At one point Venise decided to show us how her new antique lawn mower works and the yet to be named doe I was holding was screaming bloody murder wanting to get back in the barn with her herd. The outtakes reel is too good not to share with you as well:




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