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Nesting Crafts

So it has begun. I have started to nest. By nature I am not a crafter or an interior decorator. My house has pockets that are decorated and then huge expanses of barren walls and spaces. Luckily the room that has been given to the baby is small so the decorating and crafting required is minimal.

My mom, Kate and I put together the hand-me-down crib we got from a friend the other day (all by ourselves!) and we spent a few hours going through BOXES of hand-me-down clothes and putting all the 0-6 month clothes in her dresser. With those two major items off my checklist I am left to the decorating.

The walls were painted yellow when we first moved in so that we didn’t have to repaint to a gender specific color. I also had a can of left over egg shell blue paint that I LOVE so the dresser is blue. Since I am having a girl I decided to go with coral (not pink) accents, but leaving the teal blue as the primary color.

Once I got all the furniture arranged I realized what I really needed was some wall decorations. I really wanted to do something different than writing her name above the crib. Besides, if we have another kid I would really like to reuse as much of the decor as possible. So, I headed to the Paper-Hammer, a small print studio in Seattle that I have passed a few times and always wanted to stop. They have a ton of cute art posters for sale that I thought might go well with a sign I picked up in Nashville when Belinda and I visited the Grand Ole Opry with the idea that I would one day hang it in the nursery.

photo 5 (25)

Sure enough they had two signs that I fell in love with. At less than $5 a piece they were within my budget too! But, they were not in frames so I had to figure out how to frame them. I first headed to a discount chain store only to realize that the size of the posters were not standard so they didn’t fit in a single frame. I realized then that I had a crafting project on my hand.

So, I trekked to my local thrift store to look for a few frames that could be dressed up. I found two that were cheap and half off! Then I went to work yielding burlap (left over from mulching garlic), a glue gun and the little bit of creativity I could muster.

Below are the pictures of how my frames went from UGLY to PRETTY STINKIN’ CUTE:

Step One: Find wood frames that may not be pretty but have decent backing. 

photo 4 (26)
The frames before the makeover

Step Two: Remove the backing and cover with burlap

photo 3 (29)
Gluing burlap onto the backing.

Step Three: Glue the poster to the burlap ( I didn’t actually get a picture of this part but you will have to picture it in you mind) 

photo 2 (28)


Step Four: Sand and paint the wood frame whatever color you want and reassemble. 

photo 1 (27)


And there you have it! Two signs for the baby room each costing less than $10! The best part was that I could do the entire project while sitting on the floor in my living room watching Law and Order: SVU! 

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.


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