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Another song to share with you guys today! I think this song pretty well sums up the nostalgia a lot of us have for the days of long conversations over corded telephones, walking to friend’s houses, celebrity marriages that lasted longer than 5 minutes, and so on. If you haven’t heard it yet, check out Automatic. Miranda Lambert is one of my favorites, as I feel like her albums retain an authenticity of self-written songs on real subjects that is missing from so much of the big truck driving, hard drinking celebrating country music that floods the market today. Sure, she has put out some more commercial singles that aren’t my favorites, but as a collection her work has the rare combination of authenticity and commercially success. Other less appreciated gems of hers include Dead Flowers, Airstream Song, Oklahoma Sky, Makin’ Plains, Virginia Bluebell, Me and Your Cigarettes, Love Song, and Easy From Now On.

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