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I think I Can, Can, Can: Part 1

Some women get weak at the knees at the sight of small jewelry shaped boxes. For me, its all about the produce boxes. Let me explain-

My dearly betrothed hates stopping anywhere on the way home. En route to somewhere, he happily obliges my tiny bladder, antique store blitzes and all around leisurely drives. On the way home though, he becomes a stickler of efficiency with one mission only: get home. Can anyone relate to this? I can’t be the only woman suffering through the potty dance on return destinations!

So anyway, when he remembered me mentioning that I’d love for him to bring me some apples from the Thorpe fruit stand on his way home from Eastern, WA, and he did, with no reminder? Ermergawd. That’s the *best* word I can use to describe my response.  The only real, english word to describe it – swoon.

I sat down on my couch tonight and got to peeling my Pink Ladies (blush, there is definitely a dirty joke in there somewhere) and decided not to stop peeling for a long time. I peeled half of the box of apples and now have to figure out what to do with them. I think I will try my hand at canning on my own for the first time and make homemade applesauce. Stay tuned for the next post! I’ll share pictures of the results soon! For now, I need to go vote for Austin Jenckes on the Voice. You should too!



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