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Work/Housewarming Party

One of our favorite parts of having the farm is believe it or not, all the hardwork that accompanies it. It is rewarding to get to spend our time working together and getting things accomplished. I also love it when people come over and help us! Not only do we get so much more done, but it is so much more fun when you have someone to chat and laugh with. Which is why we decided that rather than have a traditonal housewarming party where people stand around and chit chat we decided to make our housewarming party a work party! So many had offered to come and help if we ever needed it. We decided to take them up on it and plan a day when everyone could come and get their hands dirty and help make our house home.

We started early in the morning so the avid Seahawk fans could catch the 1:00PM game and to try to get a headstart on the rain- which didn’t really help as the rain came early and stayed all day. My cousins Karna, Kalen, Jael and Aunt Debbie, Uncle Darryl, Aunt Sheri, good friend Gen, and good friend Mark Rowe all helped dismantle part of the old barn so we could see where the rot was and start to rebuild the areas that are beginning to sag and bow. The girls also toughed it out and removed plywood siding that was holding all sorts of fun surprises including huge (old) mud wasp nests, bee hives and newspaper from 1977. Ross’ cousin Brandon took one for the team and helped me clean sweep out all the beehives and other nasty remnants and then he helped Ross’ dad dismantel the rotten door and take it to Ross’ dad’s house to be rebuilt.

Mark and my Uncle also helped Ross finish sheeting the side of the calving barn so we could paint the exterior. They also showed Ross how to install the header beam for the track that will hold our sliding doors (an effort to keep the chickens and their poop out of the barn) which was huge because Ross was pretty lost as to how to even start that project! And Ross and Mark finally covered the Tyvek on the front of the barn with pine boards so we can eventually start painting the barn!



We had a whole troop of helpers in the house who graciously took over the project of painting and touching up the interior of the house. After spending weeks painting our last remodel project I was not looking forward to doing any painting at the new house so the fact that I had so many helpers, including Aunt Cheri, Tony, Dawn, Chase, Ross’ mom Debi, Ross’ stepmom Georgeanne, my mom Denise, my stepmom Jill and my sister Belinda all combat a project was such a blessing!

After all the hardwork was finished our friend Lorenzo and his wife Maria made an amazing lunch which wasn’t easy considering my kitchen is still torn apart and he had to make do with very little because we still have no kitchen sink, no kitchen countertops and most of my kitchen stuff is still packed. They made the most amazing steak, chicken wings with homemade BBQ sauce and pasta salad and no one left hungry and we even had leftovers!

Then after our delicious lunch most departed in search of a hot shower and clean clothes. Mark and Ross and my dad stayed and helped install the first of our faux beams in the house. I am so excited for the project and cannot wait for the final product. It is going to be amazing! As you can see in the pictures Mark’s height sure did come in handy!

Ross and I are so blessed to have family who are so supportive in helping us realize our dreams. We hope that the farm is a place they can all enjoy and that by working on the farm it becomes a place they can be proud to be  a part of. We would like to thank everyone who came out, braved the rain and worked their bums off! We owe you a big one!

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  • Cheri

    It was such a fun and productive day spent working with family and friends! This little farm is a much loved endeavor. Thanks for the good times, Venise and Ross 🙂

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