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Farm Kids are Better Drivers

I have no actual numbers to report here, this is simply a hunch I have. However, considering most farm kids start driving vehicles and equipment before many of them can even reach the pedals I am pretty confident saying that at the very least they have more experience than their suburbia peers.

This week we worked our tails off bucking hay and stacking it in the barn. Ross’ sister Ruby Faye (age 6) joined us for the adventure. In addition to providing all kids of entertainment Ruby Faye got to drive the John Deere Gator for the first time all by herself. At the end of the day, Ruby and Ross went to get one last load of hay in the Gator and of course Ross stacked the hay pretty high so he asked Ruby to grab a hold of the pile. Of course that didn’t work very well because Ruby is only 6 so he told her she was going to have to drive while he held the load.

Ruby hopped right in the drivers seat, put ‘er in gear, scooted her butt to the edge of the seat so she could reach the pedals and took off. Ross even made her park it which only resulted in a minor bump into the barn post. Considering it was her first time ever in a Gator that big (she has a mini one at home) she did a great job. Although she’s not quite ready for the road, she still has ten years to prefect her skills! Watch the video below…it’s pretty cool!

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