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Milk Diaries: First week for a novice milker

The boys left on Tuesday which means this was my first week as a full time milker. For the first few weeks I am hoping to keep a milk diary so I can track my successes, failures and EB’s milk production.

Day One – Wednesday AM– EB was terrible. I wanted to give up. I think EB was making me pay for taking her kids from her. She stepped in and knocked over my milk pail three times. Every time I would get a decent accumulation she would kick it over. She kept swinging her hind end aound and dancing on the milk stand. I finally figured out that it is easiest to milk while standing behind her so she keeps her hind end still. I spent over 30 minutes milking her and got a whopping 1/2 cup that was full of hair and dirt. Ugggh.

Day One – Wednesday PM – EB was better. She only knocked over the pail once today and I got a bit faster. I got 1.5 cups that was drinkable. The best pat of today is that Ross and I got to actually drink the milk and we were surprised how much better it tasted than it did the last time we tried it (she was only a few days fresh). The first time we tried it it had a goaty flavor that I didn’t love. This time it was sweat and if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was cow’s milk. I am a huge fan!

Day Two – Thursday AM– The milking went MUCH better today. It took about 20 minutes and I got 2 whole cups!  I gave my mom some to try and she also LOVED it! She said it tasted better than cow milk and she put some in her coffee! My best milking by far!

Day Two – Thursday PM – Got home late from moving so I had to milk in the dark. Luckily I am getting pretty good at it and my aim is much better so I am pretty sure most of it went in the bucket. EB stood very still but I think the dark made her nervous so she didn’t let as much milk down. Between the dark and EB being nervous I was happy with 1 1/2 cups. I also bought an ice cream machine so I am excited to use the milk to make homemade ice cream.

Day Three – Friday AM – By far the fastest I have ever milked EB. We were out of grain so I didn’t  It only took me about ten minutes. I wasn’t able to milk her completely out because I was late for work but I got most of it. I settled for 1 3/4 cups.

Day Three- Friday PM – Today EB was ready for grain and stood super still and even moved her leg out of the way for me. The milking only took about 15 minutes and I was able to milk her out completely and didn’t have to stop and relax her to let her milk down. The most enjoyable milking thus far. I am starting to really like my milking time in the barn. I got over 2 cups today and will make my first batch of ice cream.

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