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Goat Bloat

Today as I was on my way out the door to drop Pearl off to be spayed I rushed to the barn to throw the goats some food and noticed that EB was looking a little plumper in her mid section. In fact she looked pregnant. Since she is still nursing her two kids she has been putting quite a bit of her energy into producing milk which means she has lost her baby weight in a way that most postpartum women can only dream about, which in goatenese means she is looking more and more “dairy” or “refined”.  But this morning when I went to feed her she was looking rather bloated with her left side (the rumen side) considerable larger than the other. Because I was in a hurry and in true Venise fashion, running late, I asked Ross for his expert opinion and then left him to channel his inner Dr. Pol (which is my new favorite show and I am completely addicted to).

When I returned to the barn I found EB and her babies happily eating and her sides back to the normal size. I asked Ross how he did it because in my mind the only image I could conjure up was the scene of Dr. Pol and Dr. Benda relieving bloat by slicing a hole in the side of a calf and inserting a  trochar to let the gas escape  which is usually only used in extreme cases and I was pretty sure this wasn’t that bad. Instead Ross did a little Google research and fed EB 36 mL of canola oil with a syringe. Vegetable oil, canola oil or peanut oil all are acceptable oils because they have a taste so the animal is more likely to swallow it rather than sucking it into their lungs which is more likely to happen with a tasteless oil like mineral oil . The oil works because it breaks the tension of the bubbles in the rumen and the gases can then be expelled. After administering the oil, Ross massaged her rumen and watched for signs of some rather unlady like body functions, aka belching and farting. Almost immediately EB farted her way into health and was quickly back to eating and feeding her babies. For more information please visit Fias Co Farm page on Goat Bloat.  

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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