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Venise’s Blog: Indoor Herb Garden

This last week the weather in the normally rain soaked city of Seattle has been sunny and beautiful. The 70 degree plus weather had me thinking of summer BBQs with mojitos and caprese salad so I got a wild hair up my you-know-where and I decided to make an Indoor Herb Garden. Being the super practical person I am, I love the idea of using herbs as interior decorations because they provide greenery, are edible AND they smell terrific in my home…three birds, one stone! Because I had a million other things I needed to do on my day off I went with a watered down version of the barn wood mason jar herb garden I had pinned on Pinterest because it was easy and inexpensive.

The Inspiration: 

mason jar


1. Take a trip to your local thrift store and purchase 6 clear vases (or better yet recycle any extra vases you have at home).


2.  Purchase your herbs and potting soil. I used basil, spearmint, lavender and rosemary.


3. Plant the herbs in vases and set on a window ledge with plenty of light. Since there are no holes in the bottom of the vases, make sure you don’t over water. The lighting in my house made for terrible pictures and I wasn’t patient enough to fuss with perfect lighting indoors because it was way too nice outside so I took a picture of the final product on my front porch.


Note: the only basil (left) available was pretty pathetic as it is still early for herbs, especially ones that are stored outside as these were. Since I am keeping the herbs inside for now I am sure the basil will be okay with a little TLC. Later in the season I will transfer these outside and start a new batch indoors. This is my new favorite way to start herbs!

The "garden" behind the garden to glass cocktails, Venise is the resident farmer of the Simple Goodness Farm, older sister and goat lover.

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