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Venise’s Blog: Kid Cuts

Today Kate and I gave our pregnant Nigerian Dwarf, EB, a pre-kidding hair cut. In order to keep the labor and delivery process as tidy as possible we trimmed her udder and rear end. She didn’t love our maternity spa treatment but she sure does look better. We also clipped her feet and brushed out some of her shedding winter coat. The rest of herd got their feet trimmed and a little grooming as well We also did a complete spring cleaning of the barn to make room for a kidding pen. We are realizing that we are quickly outgrowing out of our little barn so we had to get rid of some trash and organize a little to make room. The barn looks so much better and now EB has her own kidding pen. Over the next few days we will help her get used to sleeping by herself by letting her and Dozer sleep together in the new pen. Below are some before and after pictures of EB’s new do!

EB hair cut before EB after cut  Kate and Ross PenKid Pen

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