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Kate’s Blog: Kidding

As you may know, E.B is going to have her kids soon. I am sooooo, very excited to see them arrive. This is my first time breeding or kidding any goat ever, as this is only my second year in 4-H. Now I’m an intermediate, so I have to learn to judge the goats and I will be able to see how good our babies will be as show goats. The sire goat we bred E.B with looks like a s’more so I want the babies to look like their father so I can name it S’mores, haha. I’m nervous that E.B won’t be able to deliver the babies by her self and that we’ll have to help her and might do something wrong. We probably won’t because we went to the conference and we have a very knowledgeable 4-H leader. It’s common that goats deliver by themselves easily but there’s so much that could go wrong! I do not understand how they used to do it by themselves in the olden days, at all. Hopefully, E.B will breeze right through it and deliver two, healthy babies, (that look like s’mores!).

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