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Video blog: Day two at the Chehalis Spring Youth Fair

The second day of the Chehalis Youth Fair show consisted of all the type classes. In type classes the judge judges the animal’s confirmation and build. EB competed in the Miniature Dairy Goat class. Since we didn’t buy our goats to show we had no idea what to look for in the confirmation of a top quality show goat. So, we had no idea what to expect. Kate did a great job in the ring and EB looked so cute out there.¬†Unfortunately, EB’s topline (back) slopes a bit forward when it should slope backwards. Since she is still growing her front legs could still grow to even it out, but for now she is a bit backwards so she got a red ribbon rather than a blue.

We also placed Dozer in the Pack Type class. Since Dozer is not big goat and would have a hard time carrying more than a “sandwich and a blanket” hiking, as the judge put it, we were prepared to not do very well. However, the judge really liked Dozer’s confirmation and straight, strong legs so she placed him third (right behind the MUCH bigger goats) and he earned a blue ribbon. Again, I was VERY impressed with how well our goats behaved in the ring. You could tell Kate spent her time practicing with them. There were quite a few goats who refused to walk nicely and behaved as though they lived in a barn!



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